Important Information from the Town Clerks Office.

-From now until February 10, 2020- Absentee Ballots for the Presidential Primary are available. If you will be absent or unable to go to the polls due to travel, illness, disability or work obligation, you may qualify for using an absentee ballot.  Further, there’s now a provision allowing a request for an absentee ballot on the Monday before an election if the National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning (ice, blizzard) for Election Day. For a complete overview of the details, research NHRSA 657:4 and NHRSA 657:24. Absentee Ballots must be returned to the Town Clerk no later than 5pm the day of the Election.

-January 20, 2020-The Town Offices will be closed in observance of Martin Luther King/Civil Rights Day

-January 21, 2020-The Supervisors of the Checklist will meet from 7pm-7:30pm for corrections and additions to the Lyme Voter Checklist. Lyme Town Office Conference Room.

-January 22, 2020-First Day of Filing Period for Town Officials. You must be a registered voter to file. There is no filing fee. You may submit a Declaration of Candidacy via email or fax as long as the submission has a signature and it’s done before the final day of filing. Please see list below for detail on open offices.

-January 31, 2020- Last Day of Filing Period for Town Officials. If you choose to wait until the last day to file, you must appear to file in person.

-February 4, 2020- Last day to petition the Select Board for warrant article for Town Meeting.


Open Positions currently slated to be available on the Town Meeting Ballots-subject to change:


Budget Committee: 3 positions-3 year term

Incumbents: Greg Bogdanich, Scott May, Jennifer Boylston

Cemetery Commission: 1 position-3 year term

Incumbent: Jay Cary

Library Trustees: 3 positions- 3 years

Incumbents: Audrey Brown, Nancy Grandine, Georgina Voegele

Town Moderator: 1 position-2 years

Incumbent: Kevin Peterson

Overseer of Public Welfare: 1 position-1 year

Incumbent: Nancy Elizabeth Grandine

Planning Board: 1 position-3 years

Incumbent: Tim Cook

Select Board: 1 position-3 years

Incumbent: Judith Lee Shelnutt Brotman

Supervisor of the Checklist: 1 position-6 years

Incumbent: Alan Greatorex

Trustee of the Trust Funds: 1 position-3 years

Incumbent: Mardi Bowles

School District:

School Moderator: 1 position-1 year

Incumbent: Bill Waste

School Treasurer: 1 position-1 year

Incumbent: Dina Cutting

School Clerk: 1 position-1 year

Incumbent: Elise Garrity

School Board Members: 2 positions-3 years

Incumbents: Vincent Berk (replaced Tullar), Hayes Greenway