October is Fire Prevention Month.

It is a good time to think about some basic safety procedures for you home.

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that over 1400 fire deaths occur every year in homes without functioning smoke alarms.

You should change out the batteries in your smoke and C0 detectors.

Replace the unit if it is 10 years old , consider hiring an electrician to hard wire new units in your home .

Test your alarms every month.

Have an escape route and emergency plan with your family .This years theme is for families to develop and practice
a fire escape plan for their household .

In the event of a fire , GET OUT , STAY OUT , CALL FOR HELP.

Get your wood stove chimney cleaned.

Clean your drier vent .

Keep your stove/oven clear , stay in the kitchen when stove is on, do not leave it unattended.

Be careful with candles , do not place on top of books or magazines.

Know where your boiler shut off is located

Do not over load extension cords

The Lyme Fire Department looks forward to an open house in early November at the station, a chance to let the kids and adults check out the fire trucks and visit.
Stay tuned. 

Thanks ,
Mike Mundy
Lyme Fire Chief