The Town and School Annual Meetings cycle has begun.

The Town and School Annual Meetings cycle has begun. Please note the following dates and explanations; all meetings are held in the Lyme School Gymnasium located at 35 Union Street:

Tuesday March 6, 2018 is LITTLE TOWN MEETING. Designed to be an informational moment, everyone is encouraged to attend in order to learn about the warrant articles, budget and candidates running for office. The meeting begins at 7pm; there is no voting that takes place at this meeting. Candidates are encouraged to attend to introduce themselves.  If candidates would like to place a letter of introduction on the web page, please forward that to

Thursday March 8, 2018 is the SCHOOL DISTRICT MEETING. This meeting begins at 6pm and is where you learn about and vote on the school operating budget, which makes up a significant part of your property tax, and any other school warrant articles. You must be present to vote on any school warrant articles. Contact a school board member if you have questions about the warrant.

Current Board members are: Elizabeth Glenshaw, Jay Davis, Heidi Lange, Sam Levey, Alicia Willette

Contact the School District Moderator Bill Waste with questions about procedure.

Tuesday March 13, 2018 is TOWN MEETING. There are 2 parts to this day.  From 7am to 7pm you are able to vote by paper ballot on town & school officers and zoning amendments. You must be a registered voter to vote and you do have the ability to register at the polls.

The business portion of the meeting begins at 9am.  There is a period of recognition of various people and instruction by the Moderator, Kevin Peterson.  Following that, each town warrant article is presented,  discussed and voted on, either by voice vote, show of hands or paper ballot. Remember, this doesn’t include zoning amendments.  You must be a registered voter to vote and you must be present to vote on all warrant articles. All procedural issues are under the control of the Town Moderator.

Both school and town warrant articles will be posted in public places and will appear on the town website and in the town report.

Depending on how long the warrant is, and how contentious the issues are, the meeting can last awhile.  Often there are snacks for sale.

Generally speaking, the meeting is not postponed due to inclement weather. However, the situation is evaluated carefully before a decision is made.

Town reports: Please remember that town reports are no longer mailed due to increased mailing costs.  There will be public notices on the webpage and list serve when they are ready to be picked up.

Registering to vote- You have options:

--You may register with the Town Clerk’s Office until Friday March 2, 2018 for town meeting activity, or

--You may meet with the Supervisors of the Checklist on Saturday March 3 from 11am to 11:30am in the town office conference room, or

--You may register at the polls town meeting day.

Regardless of when & where-you must provide a photo ID and provide proof of your Lyme NH domicile (like a bill or statement with that address on it)

Absentee Ballots: For those unable to attend Town Meeting, you do have the ability to vote for town officials & zoning  amendments  by Absentee Ballot.  Please contact the Clerk’s office if you want to obtain the ballots. Remember-these ballots are only for town officials and zoning amendments.  No warrant articles may be voted by absentee.

This meeting cycle is an important opportunity to learn about Lyme and how it operates, have voice about Lyme and how it operates and most importantly, share in the unique process that enables good neighbors and friends the right to opinion and vote.  Please participate if you can.

Clerk Office Hours: M,W,F 8-2  603-795-2535

Call if you have any questions!