Town Meeting Election Results


Moderator-Bill Waste-490 (vote for one)
Treasurer-Dina Cutting-472 (vote for one)
Clerk- Elise Garrity 493 (vote for one)

School Board, one year
-Elizabeth Glenshaw-477 (vote for one)

School Board, three years (vote for three)
-Jonathan Voegele-440
-Matthew Hayden-450
-Samuel Levey-451

Budget Committee, three years (vote for three)
Chris Ramsden-444
Richard Jones-422
Wilkes McClave III-408

Budget Committee, two years (vote for one)
Jennifer Boylston-64

Cemetery Trustee (vote for one)
Michael Hinsley-483

Library Trustees (vote for three)
Beth Taylor-471
Cindy Valence-150 (write-in)
Deborah Robinson-94 (write-in)

Overseer of Public Welfare (vote for one)
Faith Catlin-226
Nancy Elizabeth Grandine-235

Planning Board (vote for one)
John Stadler-429

Select Board (vote for one)
Kevin Sahr-449

Supervisor of Checklist-(vote for one)
John Mudge-464

Town Clerk (vote for one)
Patty Jenks-496

Town Moderator (vote for one)
Kevin Peterson-490

Trustee of the Trust Funds (vote for one)
Michelle Whitcomb-369
Most positions had write-ins with 1 or 2 votes. If you'd like a list of the write-ins, Please contact Patty Jenks. 


Article 2:  Yes  366    No  150
Article 3:  Yes  430    No    71
Article 4:  Yes  378    No  115
Article 5:  Yes  366    No  124