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Information on River Rd repairs.


Request to FERC 11/27/17

River Road Information 03-08-17

Lyme Roads Plan

River Road Update:   April 12, 2017

On April 5, 2017 the “Declaration of Taking” was filed in Grafton County and sent to the BTLA (Bureau of Tax and Land Assessment).    We are now in a 30 day waiting period for the next step which will depend on the landowner.

In the Meantime we have given the go ahead to our engineers to complete the wetland and alteration of terrain permits and prepare to submit them to DES (Dept of Environmental Services).  This process general takes about 75 days.  The permits are then good for 5 years.


08/11/17 Update

A “Declaration of Taking” (Eminent Domain)  was filed in April. 

The Landowner has filed an objection with the Bureau of Tax and Land Appeals on several issues.

The matter will now be referred to Superior Court for a decision.   Awaiting a court date.