2019 Town Candidate Information



Greetings, Lyme community.  As you may have heard, Rusty Keith has resigned from the Select Board effective after this year’s Town Meeting.  I am running for the remaining year of his term.  Naturally, I would appreciate your vote for this important position.

I am running because I have a sincere interest in and deeply care about the Lyme community, and given my prior years of experience, I feel that I can seamlessly step into that position. 

Below is a brief summary of my experience since moving to Lyme in the summer of 1984.  I have been involved in a number of community projects, committees and boards.  Briefly, I have been …

  • A member of the Select Board - 1994-2001 and 2004-2007
  • The Board’s representative to the Budget Committee, 1997-2000 and 2004-2006
  • A member of the Town’s Budget Committee, 2008-present
  • The Chairman of the Town’s Public Works Facility Committee, 2002-2005
  • The Chairman, the Lyme School Facilities Advisory Committee, 1993-1995
  • A member of the Lyme School Tuition Study Committee, 1990, 1992, 1993.

My resume is below, for anyone who is interested in more details.

Most important, please remember to vote for the candidate of your choice on Tuesday, March 12th - and, if possible, please plan to attend Town Meeting - Everyone’s voice needs to be heard.

Judith Lee Shelnutt Brotman

P.O. Box 157 / 100 Orford Road

Lyme, New Hampshire   03768





Town of Hanover, NH                

Zoning Administrator, July 1999- March 2018

Planning & Zoning Coordinator, October 1998 - July 1999

Special Projects / Intern, 1998, 1997

Town of Hanover, New Hampshire


As Zoning Administrator, I am responsible for all aspects of administration of the Adopted Zoning Ordinance, acting as support staff for the Zoning Board of Adjustment, researching historical documents in order to establish current non-conforming status, interpreting the Ordinance, approving Zoning & Use Permits for project approval, and when necessary, enforcing the zoning regulations with violation notices and compliance letters.


As Planning & Zoning Coordinator, I was responsible on an interim basis for zoning administration and enforcement.

In the spring of 1998 I was hired to do special project research and interrogatories documentation.  This position grew out of my work in the Town Manager’s Office as an Intern.  The Internship position entailed several projects, including a detailed analysis and study of the business parking district including review of the assessment fee, the status of current and grandfathered parking spaces and advising the Planning & Zoning Department on proposed projects with relation to compliance to the Ordinance.  In addition, I drafted a proposed purchasing policy for the Town, and Ordinance related to dog control issues. 




Member, Revolving Loan Fund Committee

Economic Development Council of the Upper Valley


This committee is responsible for the granting of loans for start-up businesses and expansion of existing business that do not meet the normal guidelines of a SBA/Bank funded loan.  Job creation is an integral part of the RLF mission.  The Committee is made up of 6 member banks with a representative each, and 5 community members.  During my tenure, two loans were granted, a small cleaning business in Lebanon and an ethnic restaurant in Hanover. 


Lyme Budget Committee member







Board of Selectmen, Town of Lyme, New Hampshire

Elected for four 3-year terms: 1994, 1997, 2000 (resigned 01), 2004

Elected Chairman of the Board:  1996, 1997, 2006

Selectmen’s representative to the Planning Board: 1994, 1995, 1996 Selectmen’s liaison to the School:  1994, 1995, 1996

Selectmen’s representative to the Budget Committee:  1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2004, 2005, 2006


The Lyme Selectboard is a three member board of elected officials responsible for the day-to-day and yearly operation of the Town.  Selectmen oversee the Town office staff, the Town Clerk’s office, the Tax Collector’s office, the Library, the Public Safety departments and the Highway Department, as well as the many small departments and committees that make small communities function.  In weekly meetings the Selectmen approve budget expenditures, formulate ordinances, approve departmental operation requests, and see that the Town’s affairs are managed prudently, including representing the Town in all legal matters.











Chairman, Lyme Public Works Facilities Committee

Lyme, New Hampshire


Charged with chairing a town-wide citizens committee to facilitate the development of a design and implementation for Town Meeting vote for a new highway garage facility.  Following Town vote, the Committee was charged with overseeing the development and construction of the new facility.


Chairman, Lyme School Facilities Advisory Committee

Lyme, New Hampshire


Charged by the Lyme School Board to review and recommend a course of action which would meet the needs of the educational system and gain the support of the general population, this open membership committee met weekly for over two years to study the needs, formulate a plan of action and gain approval of the legislative body.  This town-wide citizens committee presented a plan which received 70% town-wide support, voting for major renovations and new construction.  This was the first time in Lyme’s history a bond vote has succeeded.  Following the Town vote, the Committee was charged with hiring the architect and construction contractors, and detailed follow-through of the entire project. We accomplished the impossible, a project that finished as scheduled and was within budget.





Brotman Associates Real Estate

[1995 affiliated with McLaughry Assoc./Better Homes & Gardens]

[1995 affiliated with Sotheby’s International Real Estate]

Member, National Association of Realtors

Member, Professional Standards Regional Hearing Board & Arbitration Committee - 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994


For over eight years I co-owned and operated one of the most highly regarded and successful real estate companies in the greater Upper Connecticut River Valley area, in both New Hampshire and Vermont. At the time when the business was sold it brokered greater than 75% market share in our home community in Lyme, and it was a key player in neighboring communities.


1990, 1992, 1993


Lyme School Tuition Study Committee

Appointed Chairman in 1993


This committee met regularly to address the needs of the Lyme School community with regard to high school options for our local students.  The Lyme School provides education for children in grades K-8.  Students select a high school option which best meets their scholastic, athletic and/or social needs, with the Lyme School District paying the tuition fee for that student’s attendance at the high school of choice.  The availability, or lack of availability, of high school options, and the steadily rising costs of tuition payments need continued careful and close scrutiny.




Board of Directors – Children’s Center of the Upper Valley

Lebanon, New Hampshire


Elected President of the Board of Directors, 1984-1985





Plymouth State College, Plymouth, NH - B.S. Public Management


  • Elected Outstanding Senior, Public Management Major,

Plymouth State College

  • Elected to Membership, Phi Kappa Phi, National Honor Society
  • Elected to Membership, Pi Gamma Mu, International Social Science Honor Society



College for Life Long Learning (Univ. System of NH), Lebanon, NH



Mt. Union College, Alliance, Ohio



Chandler School for Women, Boston, MA - 2-year degree



University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH



Continuing Studies









Graduate Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Woodbury College, Montpelier, VT


Basic Mediation Training (40 hours)

Roundtable Mediation & Devine Millimet & Branch, PA, Manchester, NH


Application of Municipal Leadership – the Municipal Leadership Institute

Antioch New England Institute of the Antioch New England Graduate School and the Local Government Center, Concord, NH




Sue Mackenzie

To my Lyme Neighbors,

A little over 6 years ago, after retiring as a Physician's Assistant from the Lyme Road Clinic, I found myself with time on my hands and looking for a new challenge in life. After talking with some friends in Town, I was encouraged to run for the Select Board in 2013.

Some of my earlier initiatives include:

The Select Board Coffee Hours: Designed as a way for townspeople to communicate with the Select Board in an informal setting, the coffee hours have been well received and have brought many issues and ideas to our attention.

Improving and enlarging the Park and Ride: With the cooperation of private landowners, the NH Department of Transportation and the Town we worked together to make this much needed expansion to the Park & Ride with minimal cost to the Town.

Roads and Bridges: Along with the Roads Committee and fellow Board members we have worked to evaluate our infrastructure, identify major deficiencies on our roads and bridges and prioritize their reconstruction. Public safety remains the priority when looking at these concerns. We are also doing  long range planning to accomplish this goal without increasing the tax rate.

Now in 2019, after 6 years on the Board, I have learned a great deal, have been more than sufficiently challenged and still have the time and energy to continue for another 3 years. There are 4 major projects in the works and 2 more in the planning stages.  I would really like to see them through to completion as well as leave a well developed priority list going forward.

My experience has been that continuity and contacts can be critical when dealing with projects in order to maintain them efficiently and cost effectively. Another term as a member of the Select Board would help provide this consistency in our collective efforts.  I would greatly appreciate your vote on March 12th.  



Michael McKusick -- Budget Committee

Dear Lyme Residents:

My wife Gerry and I moved to Lyme twenty-one months ago to live with our oldest daughter Georgina and her family. Being a newcomer, I was reluctant to volunteer for any Committee, however, after examining our most recent property tax bill I have become quite interested in the town budget and how it influences our taxes.

Being retired after spending 30 years as a Consultant at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, I have time to devote to Budget Committee issues. If elected, I promise to attend as many meetings as possible and add a fairly conservative voice to those deciding how to spend the Town's money.

Thank you very much.

Michael McKusick

River Road

Lyme, NH


Yolanda Bujarski-school board

I am running for school board because I have wanted to take part in it for the past several years and this is the right time for me.  I am one of the very few stay at home parents in the Lyme school community.  I currently have a 6th grader and 4th grader in the school and an incoming kindergartner.  With children through-out the process, I feel that I have a good perspective on what is going on at the different levels.  Likewise, I have been chair and co-chair of the PTO for the past couple of years, I am a troop leader for the Lyme Girl Scout troop for my 5th years now and I have volunteered with the Four Winds program this past year.  I am also one of the founding members of the Lyme Early Education Foundation - bringing affordable programing to our young learners.  These positions provide me with contacts both the students, parents and even with teachers.  I hope to be a board member to further improve upon our constantly changing educational system and to revive the trust of those who see their taxes rising by thoughtful and frugal approaches - all with a strong sense of respect that I hope rubs off on all.  Thank you for your consideration and please reach out if I can answer any questions.  yolandapor@yahoo.com


Candidate for Selectboard

I served on the Select Board from March of 2012 to March of 2018. I did not run for re-election in 2018 due to some issues which prevented me from devoting the time and dedication necessary to serve the citizens of Lyme. My goal when I ran in 2012, is the same as it is today, to hold down spending. While several crises out of our control during my six years on the Board required spending increases I have always looked for the most economical way to deal with them. While I know some of our biggest challenges still lay ahead I am convinced that by researching new advances in technology and engineering and with careful planning we can hold spending increases to a minimum and keep Lyme the great town that it is.

I would be pleased to rejoin the Select Board and bring my experience and common sense to help address the challenges in the future.

Vicki Smith 

Candidate for Planning Board

I have lived in Lyme for 32 years: for one year in Skunk Hollow on Baker Hill Road and for the rest of the time in two different homes on Flint Hill Road and now on Market Street. I choose to live in Lyme because it is a small town and I could live close to nature with neighbors who also appreciate small town living and access to the woods and trails, streams and ponds.  My children were raised here because it is a safe place and really fun place to be kid. Now that they have started lives of their own, I am facing what many of you face: how to afford to stay in Lyme and to support the high standard of education to which children in Lyme have always been privileged.

I am very familiar with the strengths and limitations of local planning and local regulatory systems.  I have worked as a planner since 1984 first in the north country for the 50 northernmost towns in NH then for the 31 towns in the Upper Valley when our regional planning commission was a bi-state region.  I have worked in towns bigger than Lyme and many that are smaller than Lyme.  I currently work for the Town of Hanover assisting the Planning Board and Conservation Commission.   I worked for 15 years for the Lyme Planning Board in a role similar to David Robbins’ position, served for 3 years as an alternate to the Planning Board and now am finishing up a third term as a full member of the Board.

I support diversity in housing stock, protection of open space and the green infrastructure that provides us with clean air, clean water, wild creatures in our back yards, and places from which to draw inspiration, and considered, slow growth, organic growth if you will, that it can be supported by the land on which it is placed and by the communities’ services and facilities. 

Both the enjoyment I experience from living in Lyme and my professional interest in commonsense land use in a small town setting, motivate me to spend my Thursday nights with the Planning Board looking at subdivisions and site plans and working on realistic and thoughtful plans for Lyme’s future.

In addition to my employment for 15 years with the Lyme Planning Board and service as an alternate and full member to the Planning Board for 13 years, I was a member of the Lyme Hill and Valley Association, the Crossroads Academy Board of Directors for 6 years and the Lyme Brownie Troop co-leader for 3 years. I also work part time for the Lyme Foundation.

If you would like to contact me to ask specific questions, my telephone number is listed in the phone book and I would be happy to answer your questions.

I would appreciate your vote on March 12.

Benjamin Kilham

Candidate for the Office of Selectman


Dear Lyme Residents,

I have a long-standing belief in public service and over the years have served on the following committees/boards:

  • The New Hampshire State Advisory Committee on the Education of Children/Students with Disabilities

           An Appointment by the Governor 2006-2011

  • Lyme Planning Board – 1991-2003, Chairman 1992-2003
  • Lyme Budget Committee – 1989-2001
  • Trout Pond Management Committee – 1999-2003

I have a long experience and understanding of Lyme; I came to Lyme in 1961 when I was nine, attended Lyme School and Hanover High School.  I hope to become Selectman because I believe I have the experience and ability to help solve some of the challenges facing the Lyme Community.  I am attaching my resume for your review.

Thank you for your consideration.


Ben Kilham

Benjamin Kilham Ph.D. PO Box 37 172 Grafton Turnpike Lyme, NH 03768 Tel. (603) 795-4135 kilhamben@gmail.com www.benkilham.com www.kilhambearcenter.org



Benjamin Kilham Ph.D. P.O. Box 37 172 Grafton Turnpike Lyme, NH 03768 Tel. (603) 795-4135 kilhamben@gmail.com www.benkilham.com www.kilhambearcenter.org


Personal Information

Born 7-25-52

Wife-Debra A. Kilham



Ph.D. From Drexel University, Department of Biodiversity, Earth and Environmental Sciences, 2015

Special student, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College, 1992.

Colorado School of Trades, Gunsmithing, 1976.

University of New Hampshire, B.S. Wildlife Biology, 1974.

Attended University of Vermont, Forestry, 1971.

Public Service

The New Hampshire State Advisory Committee on the Education of Children/Students with Disabilities

An Appointment by the Governor 2006-2011

Lyme Planning Board – 1991-2003, Chairman 1992-2003
Lyme Budget Committee – 1989-2001
Trout Pond Management Committee – 1999-2003

Research Interests

The social behavior of the American black bear - 24 years

Reintroduction of captively bred giant pandas and the social behavior of giant pandas - 8 years

Manuscripts in Preparation

Communication and Social Signaling in American Black Bears, Kilham, B.

Matri-linear Hierarchy in American Black Bears, Kilham, B.

Reciprocal Altruism in American Black Bears, Kilham, B.

Work History

Abercrombie & Fitch/Griffin & Howe, Gunsmith, 1976.

Austin Behlert Pistolsmiths, Pistolsmith, 1977.

Paul Jaeger, Inc. Manager/Gunsmith, 1978-1980.

Colt Firearms, Product Engineer, 1980-1982.

Kilham & Company, 1982.

    Custom Gunsmithing, Product Design, Maple Syrup,

    Engineering Consulting.

Forest Manager, Bear Hill Conservancy Trust.

President, The Kilham Bear Center


Among the Bears, By Benjamin Kilham and Ed Gray, Henry Holt Co. NY, NY 2002.

Out on a Limb. By Benjamin Kilham, Chelsea Green Publishers, WRJ, VT 2013.


"Black Bear Behavior and Ecology" – presented over 600 public lectures throughout the US and in Canada, Russia and China.

Invited lecturer at colleges and universities:


Dartmouth College

  • Environmental Sciences (Donella Meadows)
  • Native Studies (Vera Palmer) 10 years
  • Dartmouth Film School (Jeffery Ruoff) Class film on my work.
  • Department of Anthropology (Nathaniel Dominy)
  • Department of Philosophy (Adina Roskies)

Harvard University, Department of Human Evolutionary Biology (Richard Wrangham)

The University of New Hampshire, Wildlife Ecology (Peter Pekins) 15 years.


BBC/WGBH TV, "Home Waters", 1994.

CBS News Program, "Coast to Coast", July, 1997.

N.H. Public TV, "New Hampshire Crossroads", November, 1997.

NBC Dateline, "Goodwill Hunting", April 3, 1998.

National Geographic Explorer, "Mother Bear Man", April 5, 1998.

National Geographic Explorer, "Bear Man ", Nov. 26, 2000

National Geographic Television, “A Man Among Bears”, 2006

NBC Today Show, November 2002

Discovery, “Papa Bear,” November 2004

IMAX film “Pandas”, April 2017, featuring my work with black bears and giant pandas

Magazine Articles

Boston Globe, Sunday Magazine, March 31, 1996.

National Geographic Magazine, On Screen, February 1999.

Field and Stream, March, 1999

National Geographic Magazine Article (March 2002)

People Magazine, July 22, 2002

Magazine Articles Written

"Understanding Backyard Bears", N. H. Audubon, Jan.-Feb. 2000

Tree Farm Magazine

“A Champion for Black Bears”, NH Wildlife Journal, Nov.-Dec. 2017


Life Achievement Award - The Hamilton School at Wheeler 2013

New Hampshire Tree Farmer of the Year 2012

Award of Excellence for Outstanding Achievement - University of New Hampshire 2008

Vincent Berk -- School Board

I have 3 children who will benefit from the Lyme school system. Although relatively new to Lyme, I am driven to make a contribution  back to the community from which my family has already received much.  I want to contribute by participating in the school board because I am passionate about education and preparation for the future world.

Areas of primary concern for me are teaching a respect for the environment and laying the groundwork for sustainable energy future, the development of independent problem solving skills, and preparedness for an increasing digital world, including the risks this brings.

Our country was built upon creative innovation, and creating a passion for problem solving is one of the best tools we can give our children to prepare them for the future.  No one knows exactly what will be required of g adults two decades from now, yet it is the duty of our schools to prepare our children for this future.  Creativity and innovation are the building blocks of future-proof individuals.

For the past 20 years I have worked to create safe digital environments, from fighting state-sponsored hackers to catching online predators.  As technology continues to permeate areas of our lives, it has become commonplace for children to interact with the Internet and connected technology.  This brings new risks and it is our responsibility to teach children how to benefit from technology, without falling victim to these risks.

Additionally, in my professional career I have spent much time on structuring corporate governance to achieve maximum outcomes for limited budgets.  Schools have much in common:  budgets are limited and cannot grow unchecked.  Instead we must accept the limits of money, and find ways to provide our children with the absolute best prepartion for the future, given the limited budget.

Short resume:
Education: PhD in Computer Science
10 Years ago I taught computer engineering at Dartmouth
More recently I served as the CEO of FlowTraq, Inc. — a computer security company
I am currently at Riverbed Technologies, helping companies catch hackers