Common Planning Committee


The Common Planning Committee is to explore all aspects of the Common going into the future with the intent to enhance its role in supporting community vitality while maintaining our rural beauty.

The mission will be completed in 3 phases:

  • The first phase is to identify and describe usage and activities that the Common should support.
  • The second phase will then include a buildout proposal to include consideration of items required to achieve phase 1 results, such as placement of; permanent fixtures, types of trees and other vegetation, fencing, parking, lighting, walkways, utility requirements, etc.  
  • The third phase will be to obtain both construction and reoccurring maintenance costs to perform the buildout and submit a formal proposal to the Select Board within 12 months.

Board Members

Name Title
Laurie Wadsworth Co-chair
Earl Strout
Barbara Balch
Lisa F. Hayes Secretary
Michelle Whitcomb Co-chair
Katie Rusch
Judith Lee Shelnutt Brotman Select Board Representative
Russell Barnes Member
Tim Cook Planning Board Rep
Vickie Smith Planning Board Rep