Town & School District Officer List


Overseer of the Public Welfare

Nancy GrandineMarch 2020795-4853
Road AgentSteve Williams March 2020795-4042
SelectboardKevin SahrMarch 2021795-4639
SelectboardBen KilhamMarch 2022795-4639
SelectboardJudy BrotmanMarch 2020795-4639
Supervisor of the ChecklistAlan Greatorex, ChairMarch 2020795-2535
Supervisor of the ChecklistKaren BorgstromMarch 2020795-2535
Supervisor of the ChecklistJohn MudgeMarch 2024795-2535
Tax CollectorBarbara Woodard March 2021795-4416

Town Clerk

Patricia G. JenksMarch 2022795-2535
Town ModeratorKevin PetersonMarch 2020795-4440
Town TreasurerMary Lou Robinson March 2022795-4639
Trustee of the Trust FundsMargaret BowlesMarch 2020795-4639
Trustee of the Trust FundsMichelle WhitcombMarch 2021795-4639
Trustee of the Trust FundsMike Smith March 2022795-4639
School Board MemberJonathan VoegeleMarch 2021795-9975
School Board MemberMatthew HaydenMarch 2021795-2106
School Board MemberHayes GreenwayMarch 2020795-4764
School Board MemberVincent BerkMarch 2020795-2893
School Board MemberYolanda BurjarskiMarch 2021 
School Board MemberRebecca WipflerMarch 2022 


School Board MemberPhil BartaMarch 2022 
School District ClerkElise GarrityMarch 2020795-4431
School District ModeratorWilliam WasteMarch 2020795-4440
School District TreasurerDina CuttingMarch 2020795-4431