File of Life - Medical Form

File of Life

You have called 911; FAST squad members arrive one by one or even solo to help you when time is of the essence. As our primary attention needs to be on you, any help your family can give us speeds up the process of getting you to the hospital. By having a ready summary of your loved one’s medical history and personal data, we can be on the move more quickly and with solid information.

The FAST Squad offers a free and voluntary program designed to help us obtain your pertinent information quickly.

What is File of Life: Perhaps you’ve seen one of these on a fridge at the home of a friend. It’s a magnet folder holding your medical history, emergency contacts and your current medications. File of Life is a nationwide program that many first-responder groups offer.

Who needs to have one:

  • One File of Life magnet folder for every home
  • One medical form for every household member

It’s not just for our elderly. Imagine if your child has an accident of some sort. The FAST Squad needs to know if he or she, for example, uses an inhaler for asthma or is allergic to penicillin.

How do you get one of these File of Life units?  Visit Patty Jenks in the Town of Lyme offices. (Lyme Town Offices, High Street, 603-795-2535) They are free to every house in town, thanks to donations from your neighbors.

Getting your information in writing:

  • Click here for the Medical Form
  • Ask your doctor look this over each time you visit.  

Keeping the information current: When you change your clocks and smoke detector batteries, give the form a once over – is it current and accurate?