Winter Weather Driving

Winter weather affects driving conditions on all road surfaces. Road surfaces can be slippery even after the diligent efforts of our road crews. The buildup of snow along the shoulder of the road creates an even narrower path of travel then we have grown accustomed to. When you meet another vehicle traveling in the opposite direction, each driver must slow to a safe speed and give up half of the road to allow safe passage. If you vehicle breaks down please try to get off the road and contact Dispatch (643-2222) and let them know where it is and when it will be removed.

Remember to park your vehicle off of the road when forecasters predict weather conditions which may require road crews to sand or plow. Vehicles left along the road’s edge hamper the snow removal efforts and may be subject to removal by tow.

Snow that is plowed, shoveled, pushed or blown on or from your property should not be placed in the road or any portion of the road surface that is maintained by the road crew. Snow that is placed onto the road causes an additional hazard to motorists and an unwarranted burden on Town Services.

A reminder to those of you that have posted stakes or other items that obstruct the snow removal operations:

“The highway agent of any town may remove all obstructions on any road” RSA 236:29

Drive Safely! For more information about the Town’s Snow and Ice Removal Policy, please click here.