FAST Squad

What does FAST stands for?

  1. First Aid Standard Triage
  2. First Aid Stabilization Team
  3. First Aid Squad for the Town
  4. Fast and Special Team

If you guessed “B,” you’d be right. Our mission is to provide pre-hospital emergency care to anyone in Lyme who has called 911 for a medical emergency - accident or illness.

How we work:

On your 911 day: Provide rapid, professional and safe pre-hospital care and family support.

When town-wide emergency strikes: Work with the town-wide emergency system to make sure our neighbors are safe.

Help Us Help You:

  • Planning Ahead to help us help you - Click here for information and link to the Medical Form.
  • Where's your house? Click here for House - Numbering Program.
  • Learn how to save the life of a loved one - Click here for HeartSafe Lyme.
  • Who are you? Click here to learn how to help us help you if you have a bicycling accident.

Want to join us?

If you are current NREMT certified and are interested in joining this dedicated team of first responders, contact Captain Karen Keane. We meet monthly, support each squad member's continuing education and operate with a strong sense of team.


Staff Contacts

FAST Squad Members

Name Title
Michael C. Hinsley EMS Member
Tom Frawley EMS Member
Barbara Lynch
Jim Mason EMS Member
Andy Miller EMS Member
Aaron Rich EMS Member
Chris Sweitzer EMS Member
Bob Sloop
Randy Snelling
Lisa Rayes Captain