Tax Rate Information

The tax rate is set by the State Department of Revenue Administration generally in October of each year. The rate is per $1,000 of assessed valuation.

Lyme Tax Rate

Town Tax$4.77$5.02$5.57$5.45$4.72$5.24$5.24$6.05$6.34$6.46
School (Local)$9.78$10.58$10.68$9.88$10.65$11.40$12.65$13.46$13.74$13.97
School (State)$2.15$2.28$2.12$2.25$2.35$2.50$2.40$2.44$2.74$2.45
Total Tax$17.87$19.15$19.79$18.94$19.17$20.63$21.90$23.58$23.94$24.63
Equalization Ratio100%96.4%93.4%94.3%100%96.5%96.9%98.7%96.4%98.4%

Taxes are collected annually, due December 1 or 30 days after the mailing of the notice of tax, whichever is later. Postmarks are accepted as the date of payment. 12% interest per annum is charged if the tax is not paid in full by 30 days after the date of the notice of tax.

The tax payer may, by March 1 following the notice of the tax and not afterwards, apply in writing to the Board of Selectmen for a tax abatement or deferral. 

If you are unable to pay taxes due to poverty or other good cause please contact the Board of Selectmen.

If you are elderly, disabled, blind, a veteran, or veteran’s spouse, you may be eligible for a tax exemption or credit. An application form must be filed by April 15 prior to the notice of the tax and not afterwards.

For details contact the Board of Selectmen at (603) 795-4639.

Notice of Tax Delinquencies and Unredeemed Tax Liens is mailed within ninety days of the notice of tax. Notice of Impending Lien is mailed by certified mail 30 days prior to the tax lien execution. The tax lien entitles the town to a tax deed for 100% interest in the property unless, within two years of the execution of the tax lien, the property is redeemed by the owner of the property or other party with an interest in the property by payment of the amount of the lien plus 18% per annum and redemption costs. Notice of Impending Deed is sent by certified mail 30 days prior to the date of deeding.

Third parties requesting and receiving a copy of a real estate tax bill will be charged $5.00 per copy.