Subdivision Information

When you divide your lot into two or more lots, you make a subdivision. When you annex a portion of a neighbor’s lot to your lot, you make a subdivision called a “lot line adjustment.” Creating a division of property by condominium ownership is also a subdivision. All subdivisions must be approved by the Planning Board at a public hearing. A survey will probably be required and possibly other work by State licensed professionals. The State licenses surveyors, engineers, natural scientists (soil and wetland scientists), geologists, foresters, and architects.

Current alphabetical rosters are maintained by the New Hampshire Joint Board. You can also view a list of NH Department of Environmental Services licensed septic designers by town.

If you would like to apply for a subdivision, you should review the Subdivision Regulations. You will also need to review the Zoning Ordinance as this ordinance applies to all lot dimensions and uses.

It is often a good idea to visit the Planning Board informally before applying for a subdivision. You cannot bring any formal plans to an informal meeting, but it provides an excellent brainstorming session to help you determine your best options. You must schedule an informal meeting through the Planning & Zoning Administrator.