House-Numbering Program

Before We Can Help You, We Need to Find You

Next time you’re driving through Lyme at night, note how easy it is to see a reflective street number on a mailbox. Now, imagine you’ve called 9-1-1 at night. Will we see your house number that easily? Help us find you in an emergency – Time is critical.

Your helping us help you at a 911 moment is pretty simple – get your house numbers up where emergency responders can see them. You’ll find ideas below on how to do this most effectively.

Job Specs

  1. Numbers should be a minimum of 3 inches high by 2 ½ inches wide reflectorized.
    1. On your house:
      1. Place at eye level near your entrance door visible
      2. Include numbering for any unit numbers
    2. At the street entrance to your home:
      1. Number both sides of the mailbox, and make sure the numbers can be seen when the mailbox flag is down.
      2. If your mailbox and your home are on opposite sides of the street, consider adding a reflective arrow pointing toward your house or post-mounted numbering at the street end of your driveway.
      3. If installing on a post, apply the numbers four feet above the ground to avoid snow cover.
    3. If you share a driveway, please have additional numbering and directional signage at the various decision points along the way.
  2. Make sure the telephone company has your correct street address.
  3. Make sure everyone in the house knows the correct street address.

Get your numbers

Call Lyme Home & Hardware ~ 795-2220.

Get help buying or installing your numbers

Those Guys have offered to help. Contact Contact Kevin Rhoads, 603-795-4417

Thanks very much from those who appreciate your help on this one. Lyme FAST Squad • Lyme Fire Department • Lyme Police Department